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Above pictures are some of the Christmas Ornaments that I cut from usually cedar, sometimes yellow pine. Each ornament has to be cut from two sides, thus giving the 3-D effect!  Project is too costly in time and "little bity blades" so I just make them for family and friends!
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Ever since I was able to walk, we have had horses, dogs and cats and EVERY one of them have been loving and gentle with me, my kids and now with my Grandchildren!  Of course we have lost many pets through the years, mostly from age, but we have been blessed with careful, loving pets!  A child needs a pet to "talk with" and later on to learn responsibility.

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch,  as shown in the banners above, has rescued many a mistreated and abused child and likewise many abused horses and by God's love and Miracles, these have bonded and "saved" each other and given a purpose in their lives!
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There is no reason harm should come to any child, other than selfishness, anger, yet still no excuse is acceptable!  Click on thumbnail........
Do not be an "apathetic do nothing"!  If you fear a child is in danger, do not stop until you know you have done your best to save that child or to get authorities to help immediately.  Put yourself in these children's "shoes"!  Without love for children, there is no God in any individual.
The fear and terror that must go through each murdered or molested child's mind and heart makes my heart scream in pain!
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To report a sighting of a missing child, call:   toll-free Hotline at 1-800-THE-LOST® (1-800-843-5678) 24-hours a day.
What music is more enchanting than the laughter of a child?
Martina McBride - God's Will
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< sweet Caylee that Jesus is loving now! . Where are "parent's" hearts?
Free Meditation - The Secret Garden by Meditainment
Patriotic and fun too
Chuck Swindoll
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"You and your Daughter" and also "Like Father, Like Son"
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Christian Books about Crystal Peaks Ranch
Transforming an abandoned rock quarry into Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, Kim and her husband, Troy, created the perfect match---a rundown property filled with broken horses, all to love back to life thousands of mistreated children. Come visit a place where the impossible flourishes, dreams survive a mean reality---and hope rises. 254 pages, softcover from Multnomah.  (HOPE RISING) is the book! &  "Bridge Called Hope"
Then there are "human" DADS   ..... be    one!!!!!!!
Another uplifting story!
Drunken, angry or just thoughtless! Put yourself in that "little one's" shoes!  Imagine the fear your cowardly actions may cause!!
Premier video #2
Silencing Christians)
#3 If you do not find interest in this link and become concerned, You perhaps do not realize the importance of your role as a parent!
Amazing!  http://www.wretch.cc/video/ritahsia&func=single&vid=2282608&rpage=2&p=0
Hugs are a "Must Have"!
BEST from someone you love with Godly prescribed love!
"Speak Softly, Love"
Native Americans and certain people from other nations had a lifestyle of don't kill unless for necessary food.  Waste not, want not!  Give back to the oceans and our lands. Now many so called civilized people rape and destroy our resources!  And many had the audacity to call these people primitive and savage!?? I call "savage" a mindset of forgetting to drop your baby off at the "sitters" and letting the child die in a hot car or not caring where your trash ends up or letting a horse starve !  My heart screams for the innocent!  Roger
"“What is Real?” asked Rabbit one day.
“Real isn’t how you are made,” said the Skin Horse. “It’s a thing that happens to you.  When a child loves you for a long time . . . then you become Real.” from the “Velveteen Rabbit”  by Margery Williams"
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Outstanding Reading Material !
Awesome reading of more simple times
Dog and baby find each other's feet/hands!

Find more videos like this on Plains Radio Network
So many talented children, and so many more are missed!  This song below was a favorite of mine when I was in school!   So inspiring and beautiful........Better on IE 8